Social Commitment
We want our pupils to develop into responsible citizens of the world. We consider it important that our pupils understand the importance of helping others. By supporting others, they learn to recognise their own strengths and see the world through the eyes of others. Not least of all, their commitment strengthens their sense of belonging to the school community.

We are particularly keen to encourage Grade 8 to 11 pupils to support their fellow human beings. And by doing so, they can accumulate social credit points. They can earn these, for example, by tutoring other pupils, training younger children in a type of sport, helping out at school festivities, offering their support in the church community or retirement homes or by helping to organise school projects. For every hour they work, pupils receive a social credit point. By the end of the school year, they are expected to have collected at least 15 credits. At the end of their schooling, pupils are awarded a certificate acknowledging their special achievements in the social field.

We also demonstrate social commitment at Kindergarten, Preschool and Primary School. This involves regular visits to a retirement home where pupils can spend enjoyable time with the residents. They sing songs, make things with the senior citizens or simply chat.