After the orientation year in Grade 5, our pupils decide to attend either the Realschule (Secondary Modern School) or the Gymnasium (Grammar School). Realschule and Gymnasium pupils at DISDH, however, attend the same classes. This constellation strengthens cohesion at the school, bringing together pupils from both types of school. Joint teaching with Gymnasium pupils also challenges the academic level of Realschule pupils. However, distinctions are made. Realschule children are assigned different tasks that are tailored to their abilities. Assignments and the teaching plan are designed to suit their skills and talents, and they have the chance to learn together in small groups. In natural sciences, teaching is very practice-based and easy to follow with a focus on experiments.

The boundaries between Realschule and Gymnasium at DISDH are fluid. Depending on their academic achievements, Realschule pupils can move to the Gymnasium before the end of Grade 8. Your child completes Grade 10 by taking the Middle School Leaving Exam, which is a recognised qualification in Germany. If their performance is good enough, Realschule children can then prepare for their Abitur in the sixth form.