Individual Support
Targeted support is a determining factor for the academic success of our pupils. Teachers at DISDH work together closely to ensure they gain as complete a picture as possible of the individual needs, potential and interests of each pupil. This enables us to detect and promote special talents or identify learning gaps as early as possible. Class teachers regularly discuss your child's progress with the various special subject teachers. They also consult our special-needs coordinator about the kind of measures your child might require. Thanks to our personally coordinated support programme, we impart not only content but also the techniques that help children learn, and eventually cope with, subject matter on their own.

We include you, the parents, in this process. You regularly receive feedback about your child's progress. At parents' day, you can talk personally to the individual teachers. But of course, our members of staff are also available for one-to-one consultations at any other time, should this be required. At regular intervals, you also receive written reports about your son or daughter's academic progress. In addition to the half-year and final report, we issue two quarterly reports during the academic year at DISDH.

If we decide a pupil needs special help in a particular subject, DISDH organises private tutoring. We either find an experienced and qualified special subject teacher, or your child takes part in our "Pupils help pupils" programme. In this programme, older pupils who are particularly good at the subject in question tutor their fellow pupils. The younger pupils usually enjoy being coached by the "bigger" pupils. They enjoy the relaxed learning environment and soon lose any inhibitions. The young tutors also benefit from being able to share their knowledge. Knowing they can help others with their expertise boosts their self-confidence. And naturally, they also learn themselves: by assuming the role of the teacher, they learn how to impart knowledge.