Secondary School
At Secondary School, we prepare our children for internationally recognised school-leaving certificates. Secondary School starts in Grade 5 with an orientation year. Pupils then decide together with teachers and parents whether to follow the Realschule (secondary modern school) or Gymnasium (grammar school) track. The Secondary School ends after Grade 10 with the Middle School Leaving Exam. Pupils complete secondary school level II after Grade 12 with the DIA, or International High School Diploma. This diploma qualifies pupils to study at universities and institutes of higher education throughout the world.

As a German school abroad, we combine an international focus with the high standards of education that apply in Germany. Our curriculum covers a broad spectrum of subjects, including languages, the natural and social sciences as well as art and music. Our school places a strong emphasis on sound language tuition. Alongside regular English, French and Dutch lessons and various language activity groups, we offer bilingual lessons taught in German and English from Grade 8. Our portfolio also includes intensive German language support.

Every child has his or her own personal strengths. We are committed to developing pupils' full potential and we support them on a daily basis so that they can develop in accordance with their individual capabilities. We believe our pupils can learn a lot from each other, which is why teaching at DISDH places a strong emphasis on work in groups. Pupils are encouraged to see themselves as part of a team, to help each other and to learn together. We offer each child an individually tailored development programme that suits and promotes individual capabilities and skills.