DISDH offers your child an international environment and academic excellence based on the high standards of the German education system. Our lessons follow the latest education plan of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

Primary school children are naturally eager to learn. They love to explore the world step by step and are proud when they master an increasing number of tasks on their own. Obviously, this also means learning to read, write and do maths. Children's natural curiosity is the basis for our primary school teaching which stimulates the children's enthusiasm for learning and discovering. Our Primary School children are encouraged to work independently and are supported in their development process.

An open, cosmopolitan atmosphere prevails at our school. We know that children come to us with the most diverse experiences and from all kinds of cultural backgrounds. This variety is invaluable and enriches our everyday school life, where tolerance and mutual understanding play a key role.

At our Primary School, your child learns and develops on many different levels. We teach not only content but also methodical, social and personal skills. Our lessons are based upon the education plan of the state of Baden-Württemberg.
In Grades 1 and 2, work is not yet graded. Instead of assigning grades, we arrange a meeting with you after the first six months to discuss your child's development. At the end of the school year, you also receive a written report. From Grade 3, your child's performance is graded and reports are issued twice a year.

We consider it important to equip our Primary School children with the skills they will need to find their way in a rapidly changing world. This also means taking part in joint activities outside the classroom. We organise projects with children from different classes and we present the results of our work in a Primary School meeting or in exhibitions on the school premises. At festivities and special events such as Sinterklaas, the Christmas Workshop, storytelling sessions or our Easter walk, our Primary School pupils feel part of the larger school community.

Naturally, our pupils also have plenty of opportunities to gain experience outside the school, with adventure-based learning activities, courses in natural history, readings, visits to the theatre or museum and also projects with pupils from other nearby schools.