After School Care Programme
Our afternoon programme, which takes place on the school premises every day until 6 pm, offers children a friendly, familiar environment where they can relax and feel at home after a busy morning in the classroom. The afternoon starts with a freshly prepared communal lunch in the school dining room. Later in the afternoon, children are offered another small snack. After lunch, they do their homework under the supervision of professionally trained teaching staff.

Relaxation and free activities are the focus of our afternoon programme. During these free play periods, the children decide for themselves whether to build something, paint, read, or play outside. Joint activities stimulate social development and are also fun. Children love to join in our cooking sessions, photo workshops or papermaking courses. During field trips and excursions, we also explore our immediate surroundings. We have visited the World Forum and various museums, spent an afternoon at the beach and in the woods, attended readings or taken part in a photographic tour of the harbour.

Our times: from 1.10 to 3.30 pm or from 1.10 to 6 pm.

Alongside our afternoon programme, children can also sign up for one of the many DISDH activity groups. If the activity group takes place on a day when your child is signed up for the afternoon programme, we make sure he or she gets to the activity group on time and is picked up again.