Deutsches Internationales Abitur (DIA)
After their 12th year at school, DISDH Gymnasium pupils take the German International High School Diploma (DIA). DIA is the international version of the regular German Abitur. This certificate is recognised throughout the world and qualifies holders to study both in Germany and abroad. DIA is also proof of an excellent command of English, a qualification that can be crucial if your child chooses to work in an international environment.

Thanks to small class sizes, your child receives lots of individual attention during these two important years at DISDH. Our teachers are familiar with the strengths, desires and goals of each and every pupil. Thanks to counselling services and special support, our pupils succeed in achieving their personal best.

Preparation for the DIA includes intensive language training with a clear focus on English. Certain subjects are taught in English and we offer bilingual lessons. DISDH also has a strong tradition of excellence in the natural sciences. We want our pupils to develop according to their interests and skills, which is why we offer a wide range of examination subjects. The Abitur examinations at DISDH are taken under the supervision of the education authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany.