The internationally recognised school-leaving qualifications offered at DISDH open many doors for your child's future. The International High School Diploma (DIA – Deutsches Internationales Abitur) qualifies school-leavers to study at universities and institutes of higher education throughout the world.

The school-leaving certificates that can be obtained at DISDH open up many doors for your child's future. Pupils at DISDH can take either the Mittlere Reife (Middle School Leaving Exam) or Abitur, which qualifies them for university entrance. Both certificates correspond to the appropriate German school-leaving certificates. All pupils who successfully complete Grade 10 of the Gymnasium at DISDH officially reach the level of Mittlere Reife.

At DISDH, Grade 10 pupils take the so-called "centralised final examinations". These allow us to gauge and prove the quality and standards of our school education. We take pride in the fact that for many years all of our pupils have passed either the Mittlere Reife or Abitur, which means we have a 100 % pass rate.

Both certificates prepare pupils for the next stage in their academic or professional career. But DISDH pupils leave the school with more than just a piece of paper in their hands. We strive to equip our pupils with all the important competencies and skills they need to meet the challenges of the future.