The German International School The Hague offers schooling from Kindergarten to Abitur level, the German university entrance qualification. At our school, your child is taught in a friendly atmosphere and small class sizes allow optimal support by our team of motivated, professional teachers. The individual support of every single pupil and a focus on independent learning are the cornerstones of our pedagogical concept. DISDH offers children the scope and support they need to reach their full potential. Pupils are thus inspired to become confident, responsible and open-minded members of society. For us, fostering independence also means that there are no stock solutions. Just as every child is different, the needs of children differ too. This is why we offer each pupil individual support that is tailored to their personal development levels, talents and strengths. We not only teach our pupils content knowledge, we also introduce them to methods of developing their own potential and organising work themselves. These important skills help your child master the many different challenges he or she will face in future.