Regina Metz
Subjects: Social Studies, Sports (PE)

It is truly refreshing to see how “young” and “old” move around at DISDH. School is so much more than just lessons. It is a place of encounter for all of us. We never stop learning from and with each other and it is especially exciting to be open, amazed and curious about the world and ourselves together with the children and adolescents. For me, starting at DISDH is also a step into a new exciting world where is so much to discover.


H. Haas-Meier
Assistant Principal
Subject: Math

Now that our children have grown up and have left home, my wife and I needed a change of air. After Milano and Darmstadt we are calling The Hague our new home. We are looking forward to our new life here and I am especially keen to teach and work at the DISDH.
  Britta Berg
Head of subject Chemistry
Class Teacher: Grade 11
Subjects: Chemistry, Biology

The Hague is a city characterised by international flair as can be seen by the different nationalities of our students. I particularly enjoy taking an active role in the daily life at school.  
Heike Becherer
Subjects: History, English
  Inga Becker
Head of subject Biology
Class Teacher Grade 8
Subjects: Biology, German

Apart from Biology, I have also studied German – the language and its literature because I wanted to understand life with all its facets. Being a teacher provides me the possibility to share information. Not just teaching but also learning is a great aspect of this profession. I learn from experienced colleagues, different students as well as the culture and the language of a new and beautiful country.  
Katharina Böning
Class Teacher Grade 9a
Subjects: Math, French, School XL

Languages are the cornerstone of life together: whether in the family, at school, while travelling, among friends or when partaking in sports. In Mathematics, I see another language in which it is possible to grasp and describe the world more precisely. I continually enjoy passing this on to my students.
Lydia Bölle
Subject: Religion

Dealing with "God and the world" has always been a matter of concern to me. I enjoy looking for answers to the existential questions facing mankind. I always like to bring such topics into conversation with children and youth and fully appreciate their committed, fresh, sometimes very critical and creative ways of dealing with religious topics and forms of expression.
  Christina Danzebrink
Subject: German, English

It is always a pleasure working with children and adolescents, teaching them the facets of literature and language and getting to know their points of view. Furthermore, it is always exciting to observe the children`s learning process. Sharing the joy of literature and language is a great matter of importance to me.  
  Gertraud Franzke
Head of Secondary Modern School & Subject Natural Phenomena
Class Teacher Grade 5b
Subjects: Math, Natural Phenomena, IT, School XL

Discovering the world with children - a challenging task in a rapidly changing time. I enjoy taking on this task each and every day while teaching the natural sciences and computer science and especially in my role as "Jugend forscht/ Youth eperiments" coordinator.
  Iris Grunert
Subject: DaF (German as a Foreign Language)
  Mariann Hamisch
Head of subject Social studies
Class Teacher Grade 10
Subjects: English, Social studies, History
  Hanna Hannappel
Head of subject Art
Subjects: Art, Ethics

School is not only sharing knowledge but also building relationships. At DISDH I swim like a fish in the water – a small school with high educational and social standards. Standing in the schoolyard, I know the name of every single child. Furthermore I can set high professional standards. Working here is a pleasure. 
Frauke Hilbig
Head of Subject Music
Subjects: Music, English

Both, in learning foreign languages and in music I see an inexhaustible potential to strengthen personalities. Being a teacher means being able to share my enthusiasm for music and language with young and old.
Kristin Kirsch
Class Teacher Grade 5a
Subjects: German, French

Having begun leading German-French language holiday groups with children and youth fairly early on, the teaching profession came rather naturlly to me. I find it truly wonderful to be able to accompany students on their path to adulthood. Satisfied students who feel well prepared for tests and who feel respected as human beings have proven to be my motivation. I hope that my personal enthusiasm for the German and French languages is contagious!

Axel König
Head of subject French
Subjects: French, Geography

I teach French and geography with all my heart. I see languages as the key to new people and they represent the most valuable companions in my life. Coupled with my curiosity to explore the world bit by bit and to want to understand it better and better, my two subjects are a wonderful combination. It is a great privilege for me as a teacher to share my enthusiasm for these subjects with students and to accompany them on their journey.

Ulrike Kronenburg
Subject: Religion 
Sonja Lang
Head of subjects Sports
Subject: Sports

As a teacher for physical education I turned my hobby into my career. Since my childhood, I have been involved in sports. Having participated in competitive sports for many years, I cannot think about a life without sports. As such, I would like to give students joy and enthusiasm for sports on their path of life. 
  Christine van Leeuwen
Subject: English

Christine Lindemann

Subjects: German, Music, DaF (German as a Foreign Language)

Learning languages - whether German or the language of music - plays an essential role in fostering responsible and peaceful communication. It always gives me great pleasure to teach children and adolescents these languages and to accompany and support them on their educational path.
  Veronica Meyer
Head of subject Geography
Class Teacher Grade 12
Subjects: English, Geography

I really enjoy exploring and supporting my students’ talents and helping them find their own way in life. Teaching Geography and English at an international school in The Hague is not only a nice combination of my subjects but also an appealing challenge in a city with international flair. 

Celine Michielsen

Subject: Sports (PE)

In the past, I have played handball at a professional level in Germany. Now I am excited to teach sports at a German school in my home country the Netherlands. I want to get children enthusiastic about sports and make them enjoy physical education.

  Baer Oehlen
Subject: Art, Dutch, English
Lieske Ragay
Subject: Dutch

Finding the best way to share knowledge with my students is what motivates me. And it is even better when my new ideas and methods turn out to work just right. I hope to be able to experience this and many other successful moments together with my students as well passing on the joy of the Dutch language to them.
  Markus Rudolph
Head of Subjects IT & Math
Class Teacher Grade 7b
Subjects: Math, IT

I love the clarity of Mathematics. Education is not only about expert knowledge but also about thinking out of the box, broadening one’s perspectives and having vision, particularly in our global and digital world. This is what motivates me.
Onno Schroeder
Head of Secondary School I
Head of subject History
Subjects: History, English

Shakespeare, Weimar Republic, irregular verbs, fall of the Berlin Wall... I love diversity in my teaching. On the one hand, the wide range of subjects is reflected in my combination of courses – English and History – and on the other hand, it is reflected in the cooperation with students, colleagues and parents. And as The Hague is multilingual, complex and varied, I have the feeling I have made the perfect choice by coming here.
  Anneleen Scholten
Subject: Dutch

Dutch: easy to recognise but rather difficult
As a Dutch teacher who has worked at Dutch schools, it is special for me to now teach at an international school. Together with my students, we explore the many logical and illogical rules of the Dutch language. Apart from speaking, writing and reading exercises, now and again, we also have the chance to analyse Dutch songs and poems. I enjoy this wonderful challenge. 
  Eva Schury
Subject: DaF (German as a Foreign Language)

At DISDH, I love having the world around me. Representing so many different nationalities, we can always learn new things from each other. I continually emphasise the importance of this thought with my pupils.

Lena Schwefer

Subject: German

  Regina Speiser
Subject: Music

There is nothing that could me make change my profession. The way children can get dedicated, let their imagination run wild and now and then surpass themselves, inspires and motivates me to come to school full of anticipation every day. I feel very strongly about conveying to children - especially in our present society - that each and every one of them is unique, loved and accepted the way he or she is. Like this we grow as a group as well as individually, which makes every day exciting and varied.
Ivona Turohan
Subjects: English, Art, DaF
Thomas Vesterling
Subject: Religion
  Biljana Vojnovic
Class Teacher Grade 8b
Subjects: French, English, DaF (German as a Foreign Language)
DaF Coordination

As a teacher of foreign languages, the city of The Hague is particularly interesting with its international flair which makes my heart beat faster. I enjoy the ease with which one comes into conversation with people from different backgrounds. When teaching my subjects French and English, I like to address my students individually, motivate them to communicate in the respective foreign language while at the same time doing away with their fears of speaking and helping them get to know the various cultures.

Mareike Winkler
Head of Secondary School II
Head of subject Physics
Subjects: Physics, Math

What sounds like a cliché is in fact the truth. Since Primary School, I have wanted to become a teacher. Now, I not only work in this profession but also have the pleasure of working with wonderful classes and colleagues and an enthusiastic school community in a beautiful city.