Alice Weeber
Head of Primary School

I became a teacher because I found it to be very special and meaningful to pass on knowledge and education. At the same time, it allows me to come into contact with young people. While living and learning together with children, I experience no limits to their originality and creativity. Children bring so much with them. It is my responsibility to support them in their personal development and help them reach their potential. Being a teacher is not just a wonderful profession, it is my calling.
Melanie Albrecht
Class Teacher 4b

  Mechtild Benkhoff
Class Teacher Grade 1

In Primary School, children have a contagious enthusiasm. Their motivation to learn is evident during lessons. That is why I enjoy accompanying them as they learn to write, read and feel confident doing math. Learning in Primary School is much more than this. It is always interesting.
  Urte Drusch
Class Teacher Grade 3

For me as a teacher in Primary School, it is particularly interesting to watch children continue to develop once they have moved past grade 4. The children stay in the same building once leaving Primary School. Thus I meet them almost daily to have a little talk or at least to wish them a “Good Morning”. I really enjoy this and I find it exciting to observe the “smallest” growing up.
  Ulrike Kronenburg
Subjects: Sports, Religion
    Vivienne Lipman
Subject: Sports

As a PE teacher, I want to familiarise the children with a healthier lifestyle by encouraging them to be active and above all to do so with pleasure and confidence in the gym. In addition, I introduce the children to various types of sports giving them the chance to further develop.
  Baer Oehlen
Subjects: Dutch, English, Art

Children at DISDH warmly welcome new students and quickly make them feel comfortable. They act as true role models. They are not only open to each other but are also curious about the Dutch identity. It is a real privilege to work with these children and especially in the summer, we appreciate having the beach nearby.
    Lieske Ragay
Subject: Dutch
    Sabine Schneider
Class Teacher: 2b

I especially enjoy coming into contact with so many different people at DISDH each day. I find it enriching that colleagues from all sections of the school work together. When my students leave grade 4, I don’t lose sight of them as they are actually just moving up one floor. When we bump into each other, we almost always have a moment for a quick chat fostering the feeling of familiarity which I so appreciate at the school.
  Regina Speiser
Class Teacher Grade 2A

There is nothing that could me make change my profession. The way children can get dedicated, let their imagination run wild and now and then surpass themselves, inspires and motivates me to come to school full of anticipation every day. I feel very strongly about conveying to children - especially in our present society - that each and every one of them is unique, loved and accepted the way he or she is. Like this we grow as a group as well as individually, which makes every day exciting and varied.
  Tanja Tamimy
Class Teacher Grade 4a

Each day I feel satisfied working at a school with enthusiastic students, nice colleagues, in a familiar atmosphere with an enormous variety of nationalities – and all this with the beach close by.

  Ivona Tuhoran
Subjects: English, Art

    Thomas Vesterling
Subject: Religion