Christin Lambooy
Head of Preschool & After School Education

Children want to explore the world and they get enthusiastic about their surroundings. I really enjoy accompanying and supporting them on their “journey”. It is wonderful for me to see their enthusiasm discovering the world.
Melanie Amatsoeradi
Starfish Group

Since my first meeting with colleagues, parents and children, I knew that this was the right place for me. I see the warm and open communication at DISDH as a big bonus. While my German colleagues speak German to the children, I speak Dutch to them. It is remarkable how quick the children learn a new language and it is great to closely observe these developments.
Bas van der Ark

Working with children is always diversified. Every child reacts differently. This diversity was the main reason for choosing this profession. I really like the friendly atmosphere emanated by the students, colleagues and parents. I was born in The Hague and grew up here. The city offers everything to me: beaches, forests, a beautiful center and many nice attractions and museums and the best soccer team of the Netherlands: ADO The Hague.
Lucia Barilaro  

Children are wonderful. As an educator, I have the opportunity to explore the world together with them and support their development. The closeness to the North Sea and the international and cultural variety at the German International School The Hague are always exciting.

Sigrun Falk
Seahorse Group

I enjoy the freedom to follow the different interests and needs of the children and to support each of them individually according to their strengths. Furthermore, the joy and spontaneity of the children makes me happy. While cycling, I explore wind, storm and sunshine in every corner of The Hague. I enjoy the sea, the nature, the internationality, the Dutch flair and much more.

Michaela Janßen
Coordinator Preschool

I became an educator because children have a different perspective on the world and thereby change my perspective. At the DISDH many age groups interact in harmony together and enrich each other. The North Sea reminds me of my home. It feels like living “around the corner”.


Rahel Klein-Soetebier

Due to the variety of languages, cultures and people, I came to the DISDH. It is surprising how quick children learn new languages and find new friends despite speaking different languages. The DISDH is a place where you are supported. And that already starts in Kindergarten!

Kerstin Link
Seahorse Group

It is an exciting and interesting challenge to work with the youngest in our Kindergarten. It is an incredible enrichment to accompany children in the “big game of life” (according to Fröbel), to shape them and to educate them to become happy individuals.
Rita Ruijgrok
Language teaching DaF (German as a foreign language)

I especially like the variety of cultures at our school. It is great to become familiar with new traditions and customs from different countries. It is something special that our school is located in The Hague; a place at the sea where people from all over the world come together. I always enjoy riding my bicycle in the sunshine through the streets flanked by flags from around the world.
Dani Schumacher
Shell Group

The daily work with children fascinates, motivates and inspires me. Children have a different perspective on the world and their stories are so honest and open. It is important for me to accompany our youngest on their first steps and to prepare them individually for their lives after the Kindergarten.

Ulrike Simon

Since my early youth I wanted to join children in their development. Children have this interesting and questioning point of view of the world and I enjoy encouraging them to find answers to their questions. I was born in a nice old city near the sea. The North Sea, the sober people and my work at the DISDH have made The Hague to a further home.
Johannes Schweigart
Shell Group

Since my very first internship in a Kindergarten, the joy of working with children has stayed with me. Each day, I enjoy the opportunity to go on a journey of discovery and to accompany the children in their development. At DISDH, I have not only found my dream job but also the enjoyment of having a bit of home around me. It is my aim to help children experience this very same feeling.
  Henrike Wagner
Shell Group
  Sabine Wiesner-Koch

Every year I look forward to the development of the little personalities and I am happy to join the children on their way.
Nadine Zeilinger
Starfish Group

To see how children explore and experience the world is the most exciting part of my work. I hope to pass on my enthusiasm and joy to your children and I look forward to accompanying them through part of their lives.