Christin Lambooy
Head of Preschool & After School Education

Children want to explore the world and they get enthusiastic about their surroundings. I really enjoy accompanying and supporting them on their “journey”. It is wonderful for me to see their enthusiasm discovering the world. 

Ulrike Braun
Coordinator After School Care Programme (Class 1 - 4)

The greatest challenge in my profession is answering children’s everyday small and big questions thereby accompanying their growth. Children with an international background learn in a personal atmosphere at our school. This gives me a great deal of pleasure. The Hague offers beautiful nature with its beach and ocean as well as a great variety of cultural possibilities. This makes for unlimited choices for exploring the surroundings with children.
  Bas van der Ark
After School Care Programme (Class 1 - 4)

Working with children is always diversified. Every child reacts differently. This diversity was the main reason for choosing this profession. I really like the friendly atmosphere emanated by the students, colleagues and parents. I was born in The Hague and grew up here. The city offers everything to me: beaches, forests, a beautiful center and many nice attractions and museums and the best soccer team of the Netherlands: ADO The Hague. 
Anke Petzold
After School Care Programme (Class 1 - 4)

Working in the Afterschool Care Programme at an international school is something very special. I enjoy spending the afternoon with the children and being there for them outside of their normal lessons. Every day, I learn something new from them. Each child is unique with their own ideas and thoughts and that makes working with them so interesting.
   Coby Utama
After School Care Programme (Class 1 - 4)

Working here in the German school with so many different nationalities and in such a vibrant environment here in The Hague is a real pleasure! I truly believe it is a great place for our children to learn and enjoy more from different cultures and have a better understanding of the world around them.