Student Council
A good, functioning school community needs responsible pupils who express their opinion, like to assume responsibility and represent the interests of fellow pupils. At DISDH, this is the task of our Student Council, or SV (Schülervertretung). The committee consisting of five members is elected by pupils from Grades 5 to 12 and represents the interests of pupils and those of the school as a whole.

One of the tasks of the Student Council is to keep pupils informed about the latest developments at DISDH. Members of the Student Council also play a key role in shaping and organising projects and special events, such as the midnight volleyball competition, the Nikolaus party, book exchanges and the sponsored run.

At the beginning of the academic year, each class elects two class representatives. The members of the Student Council work closely with these representatives, and through them find out about the concerns of DISDH pupils. To promote this collaboration, members of the Student Council attend a seminar with class representatives at the start of the school year. Here, they can get to know each other and set goals for the forthcoming school year.