Pupils, teachers and parents all contribute to and actively foster the strong sense of community at DISDH. School is an important part of your child's life, and this is why DISDH wants to be a place in which your child feels at home. A positive, supportive environment is the most important prerequisite for a successful school career. We are proud of the positive atmosphere at our school, which welcomes all different groups and every individual member of our school community. Both parents and pupils can get involved in the various committees and thereby represent their own interests and have a say in what goes on at our school. We also keep in contact with our alumni, connecting the school's past, present and future. Our school is a meeting point, where learning can occur on multiple levels.
A lively school community also exists beyond the school walls. For example, DISDH works with various organisations in the city and is a forum for German culture in The Hague. We regularly host lectures, talks, concerts and other cultural events, attracting a wide and diverse audience to the school.