“From the moment of our first contact with the school to inquire about information and continuously to this day, we have felt welcomed and well cared for by the teachers and staff and instantly part of the community. Everyone who works at this school is dedicated to creating the best learning environment and to working with their students on social skills, emotional development and problem solving. Since having attended the Preschool, our child has picked up enough Dutch to seem fluent with the locals! We encourage every family with native German-speaking children or an interest to teach their children German to explore this school.”

“Our daughter quickly integrated into the community of the Deutsche Internationale Schule Den Haag. The education is of good standard. Furthermore, the teachers and the institution pay special attention to the personal development of the pupils. If the German knowledge of a new pupil is not high enough, the school provides the child with every opportunity to catch up. Besides German, there is also high quality education of other languages (English, French and Dutch). Throughout the school year, the DISDH organises a variety of programmes (e.g. sports day, Christmas concert, international day) that gives parents the opportunity to make contacts and to engage with the school. While the education is based on the German system, the school is truly international: the pupils learn about each others’ cultures.”