New at School
The first few days in a new school are an exciting time for your child. We do everything we can to make the move to our school as easy and as pleasant as possible for your child. We want your child to feel happy and secure in his or her new environment and to identify with the new school. To help new pupils settle in at DISDH, they are assigned two fellow pupils as peer mentors who are there to answer questions and offer support during the first few weeks. Your child will soon find his or her way around and make new friends. At DISDH, we are used to taking on new children and integrating them into the school community. All of our pupils know what it's like to start at a new school. Our teachers take particular care to ensure that our newcomers feel welcome and enjoy being part of their new school.

After between two and three weeks, we invite you to meet your child's class teacher to talk about initial impressions and how your child has settled in at DISDH. We discuss your child's learning progress and social development and inform you about individual support programmes.

We also welcome new parents to our school and do our best to make their start as easy as possible as possible. Every second Friday in the month, you have the opportunity to make new contacts and talk to other parents at our Elterncafé. You can find out about everyday life in the Netherlands and obtain practical advice and information. You can also consult the parent representative from your class or Elterncafé if you have questions about adapting to life in the Netherlands. And don't forget, we also run a number of interesting activity groups especially for parents!