About us
The German International School The Hague is an independent private school which is part of a global network of 140 German schools abroad. An international focus has always been an integral part of our everyday school life and therefore the learning environment of our pupils.

We are proud of our high-quality educational programme, which values a challenging, varied curriculum, state-of-the-art teaching methods and an individual programme of support for each and every one of our pupils. But we offer more than just teaching quality. Our pupils benefit from an environment in which they can thrive and develop in the best way possible. Key to this are the warm, friendly atmosphere and strong sense of belonging that is shaped by pupils, teachers and parents alike.

Our language of tuition and communication at the school is German, and we follow the specifications of German education plans. The multicultural background of many pupils and life in a foreign country automatically stimulate children's natural curiosity. Our educational programme addresses this and sound language training is naturally an integral part of our concept.

International exchanges also play an important role outside school; hence, languages are one of our key focuses. We take part in such co-curricular initiatives as the Model United Nations (MUN) and joint activities with Dutch and European institutions to promote international exchange and cooperation.

DISDH has a long tradition to which we feel a strong commitment. Founded 150 years ago, our school's mission is to promote the German language and culture and become part of the international community in The Hague. This spirit continues to be very much alive at our school today and is cultivated by both everyday school life and our special events and festivities.