Lieveheersbeestjes and Zeeheldentheater

Again this week, our Kindergarten children enjoyed an exciting week.
Together with great weather and full of anticipation, our future Preschool children found their way to the "Lieveheersbeestje-Pad"! After a short bus ride, the children passed through eleven stations in three small groups, which were spread over the entire ladybird path. The children bravely faced a wide range of tasks: building animal houses, recognising herbs through smelling and determining flower colours. Not only their senses but also their motor skills were put to the test.

A few days later, a joint excursion to the Zeeheldentheater was on the agenda. Under the title "All Hens aan Dek", the actors took the children into the colourful world of songs around themes such as the beach and the sea. The little ones showed that they also have great vocal talent. It was a great day for everyone!