Third Grade Students on a Discovery Tour in Biesbosch

Ready to go filled with anticipation, our third graders excitedly awaited the morning of 23 May to begin their school trip to Biesbosch!

Once there, a great programme was set into action for the lively group. During an excursion on the whisper boat and also by foot, they ranged the nature reserves’ woods in search of beavers. Unfortunately the beavers were far too tired, so that the children did not see any of them. Nevertheless, the suspense was great! In a subsequent guided tour on the topic "Ontdek de Biesbosch Bevers", the students learned many interesting facts about the small forest dwellers.

And of course, leisure time was not forgotten. In addition to picnics and room parties, the children had a scary night walk with flashlights. It was a great school trip for everyone!