Dental Care, "Circus Fantasy" and Beach Visit

Dentist visited DISDH
Brushing your teeth needs to be learned - and who could better explain this than a specialist? For this reason, Ms. Braun, a dentist, visited our Kindergarten. She clearly explained with great care what had to be considered to ensure proper dental care and which foods contain hidden sugar. And to top off the lesson, she brought a toothbrush and toothpaste for each child. Thank you Ms. Braun for this instructive morning!

"Circus Fantasy"
"Hello and welcome to the circus fantasy!": In the course of the musical / rhythmic project "Liederlok" our Kindergarten and Preschool children let their creativity run wild and found themselves in the roles of artists, singers, dancers, wild animals and clowns. When rehearsing the circus numbers, everyone was so happy that the little artists decided to prepare a circus show for their parents. With great enthusiasm, the children tinkered masks and advertising posters, wrote invitations, prepared fire hoops and folded Popcorn bags. The next morning the time had come: the DISDH Circus opened its doors and enchanted its audience with a great show. At the end of the performance all artists and animals danced together in the manège - happy and full of pride thanks to the roaring applause their performance received.

Excursion to the beach
At the end of such an eventful week, our DISDH Kindergarten children were bestowed with glorious sunshine. The great weather was used for trips to the forest and the beach and crowned with a delicious picnic.