"Meet the family" - Episode 3: Onno

Mr Schroeder is not just a teacher for English and History and Coordinator of Secondary School I, but also the father of a daughter in our DISDH Preschool. When entering his place of work in the morning, it is very likely that you will see a small blond girl holding on to his hand. “Of course this situation is very convenient. However, the concept of DISDH has convinced me, especially in my role as a father. Children start off in Kindergarten and have the chance to continue their schooling right here up to their final “Abitur” exams. This enables them to intensify their social contacts without interruption. Furthermore, the children come into contact with different languages from the very beginning.“

Living and working in The Hague also offers many advantages: “It is great to live in a big city located at the sea. I grew up right at the Baltic Sea and as such, water has had quite an impact on me. Another big advantage are the short distances here in The Hague. Everything is easy to reach by bike which makes a car unnecessary, an aspect which greatly simplifies daily life.”

In addition to his coordinating and teaching activities, Mr Schroeder has also been responsible for the MUN-activities (Model United Nations) at our school since the 2016-17 academic year. Based on real UN conferences and organised all over the world, our school has been involved in these youth conferences since the late 60s: “I enjoy discussing global and political developments with interested students within the context of MUN. Sometimes, there is not enough time during lessons for intense discussions. The speeches and presentations the students hold at MUN conferences strengthens their self-confidence as well as their English language skills (note: MUN is held in English). This provides for perfect preparation for their oral “Abitur” exams and for their later life in the working world.” Just a few weeks ago, a group of DISDH students were accompanied by Mr Schroeder at the THIMUN-conference, where more than 3000 students from all over the world came together in The Hague. “Taking part in conferences is an enriching experience for the students. They get to meet large numbers of interesting people. When discussing a particular country and its historical development during class, some aspects remain rather abstract. At the conferences, students come into direct contact with students from other countries which helps them develop new perspectives. MUN broadens their horizons and I find it a pleasure to accompany them.“

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