"Meet the family" - Episode 2: Katarzyna!

In the column “Meet the family“, we introduce committed members of the DISDH school community. Today in episode 2: Katarzyna! If you see a blonde woman with a camera on the lookout for good shots during DISDH events, it is almost certainly Katarzyna. “In the Schulpostille I read that the school was looking for an amateur photographer who would voluntarily take photos at DISDH events. And so I thought to myself, amateur photographer? I can do that! Since then, my photographic art has improved tremendously (smiles).”

Katarzyna who was born in Poland has two children who have been attending the German International School The Hague since 2014. She describes herself as having been an “active member” of the school community since 2015. In addition to her role of event-photographer and member of the library team, the trained art historian currently runs AGs (activity groups) at DISDH for students: “art for kids” and “art history for kids”. “It is wonderful to be able to stay connected with my profession in this way. Working with children and watching their enthusiasm for the different periods of art and their interests in the historical developments are amazing. We paint, we do handicrafts and discuss the different eras chronologically. Recently we spoke about Egyptian and Greek art.“

Besides the familiar atmosphere, Katarzyna appreciates the openness for voluntary commitment and projects at the German International School The Hague. “The school offers great creative leeway. At other schools abroad, parents are far less active. At DISDH, it is easy to make new contacts, find friends and participate in school life. The school is very international but the variety of languages do not create a barrier. Here you have the chance to find yourself. This enhances the quality of life. Furthermore, I am closer to my children. When they participate in a theatrical performance, I get to stand in the front row taking photos for the school.”

The DISDH “Elterncafé” also benefits from Katarzyna’s profession. “When outings to museums are planned, I offer to take on the role of museum guide. Last year, I gave parents a tour of the Mondriaan exhibition and in the near future, we will visit Mauritshuis. That is a perfect opportunity for me to delve into the subject more deeply. The parents enjoy it and are uninhibited in asking questions. Ultimately, our children are all learning together under one roof.”

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