An exciting journey into the world of books – Finn-Ole Heinrich at DISDH

Primary School children from grades 1 to 3 listened to a story about the little outsider Frerk. In "Frerk, You Dwarf", a boy finds a strange egg which accidentally hatches in his pocket. The hatched dwarves change his life entirely. After experiencing his amusing presentation, it is not surprising that Heinrich won the Youth Book Prize for his first children's novel. Our students loved the reading and especially enjoyed being integrated into the story through choral speaking.

For grades 4 to 6, Heinrich chose a book from his series "The amazing adventures of Maulina Schmitt”. In the trilogy, the heroine of the story is confronted with losses and faces the madness of adults with stubbornness.
Heinrich chose a short story and the opening chapter of a youth novel on which he is currently writing to read to our grade 7 to 9 students. In "The Helmet", the author describes a boy who decides to put on a helmet and not take it off until his father returns.

Heinrich tells his stories in a special language which is apt, dense and direct. What makes his lectures so fascinating? Heinrich is a lively figure with a wealth of acting talent which make his readings both entertaining and thought-provoking. In addition, the reading sequences were accompanied by short videos.
All the novels mentioned here and many other publications by Finn-Ole Heinrich are available in our library. Heinrich has also recorded an audio book for adults.