Grade 4a and 4b always one step ahead

It was a busy Sunday morning at The Hague Central Station where in the middle of it all, students from both grade 4 classes excitedly prepared to embark on their trip amidst the “Sabine” storm. DISDH fourth graders were off to Munich and on a class trip to the German television show “1,2 oder 3” with six candidates from DISDH. It was in Bavaria that "Sabine" had consequences for the class and prevented the planned “Bavaria Film Studios” tour. In place of this, the "filming classroom" film crew visited the children in the wonderful youth hostel Burg Schwaneck in Pullach. Together they made a short film with creepy ghosts in front of an impressive setting. Another highlight of the trip were the two shows of “1, 2 oder 3” with the famous German presenter Elton. Filled with knowledge and applying their strong skills, both teams won the sought after “Piet-Flosse-Pokal” and brought it to the Netherlands. Many thanks to all parents for their planning and commitment. It was a great class trip for everyone!