Andreas Hoppe at DISDH

Andreas Hoppe, aged 60, is known to a wider audience as Inspector Kopper, assistant to Ulrike Folkerts in the popular German crime series, “Tatort”. Between the years of 1996 and 2018, he appeared in 58 episodes. He lives both in Berlin and the countryside of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. He is a committed nature lover, animal welfare activist and is committed to regional food. His book on this subject, published in 2009, is titled "Allein unter Gurken".
In October 2019, he published a new book, "Die Hoffnung und der Wolf" ("Hope and the Wolf"), and thanks to its great success, he has been on a reading tour ever since. This has brought him to DISDH in a joint event with the “Literaturhaus│Deutsche Bibliothek” Den Haag. Many interested parents, students and friends of the school community came to the reading and spent an interesting and enjoyable evening together. The main drive behind Andreas Hoppe's book on wolves is his plea for species protection and the peaceful coexistence of humans and animals. Through his commitment to biological diversity, he has gained intensive knowledge and insight into the political decision-making process, life in the countryside and as yet undisturbed natural areas like those found in Western Canada. The author’s vivid and entertaining depiction of the area captured the attention of the audience. The reading also included detailed descriptions of journeys to Vancouver Island and literary excursions going all the way back to the Middle Ages and animal lover Franz von Assissi. The reading and ensuing discussion dealt with the question as to why the wolf divides people into two sides. A very thought-provoking evening was enjoyed by all! We hope to continue the series in the autumn with Kerstin Schweighöfer as part of our joint events with the “Literaturhaus│Deutsche Bibliothek Den Haag”.