Friday 31 January

Today an educative and eventful THIMUN week comes to an end for the participants. Apart from having gained many valuable experiences, the students have also made new friends and successfully rose to challenges. Multi-layered debates and lectures about current topics opened up completely new horizons and will certainly be remembered by everybody for a long time. After today’s round of closing ceremonies thousands of students will be heading off back home in all directions. Many thanks to all families who offered the young people a comfortable home during this week. See you next year at the 53rd THIMUN conference!

Thursday 30 January

As we already announced yesterday, the students can look forward to a very special guest today. Jamala Osman will be a speaker at THIMUN and engage the young people in conversation. The 25-year-old was one of the youngest bank managers of Barclays of her generation. While only 21, she was already entrusted with the management of her first bank branch office. The winner of the British “Young Citizen Award 2018” and ”TEDx London” speaker is now on a mission to bridge the gap between the corporate world and young talents. This will definitely be a very enriching encounter for the young people.

The second highlight on this day is the movie night. The film that will be shown is “The new silk road”, a moving documentary about China’s new “silk road”, its benefits and gains With impressive scenes, the film illustrates how the citizens along this route prepare for the resulting consequences for their way of life. It’s great having the producers of the movie on site in person for a Q and A session.

Wednesday 29 January

Half-time at THIMUN and just half a working day for the participants. In the meantime, the students have firmly settled into their roles as members of the Admin Staff, as delegates or chairs and are performing sovereign work. After the first animated debates and discussions today, the students will finally get the opportunity to explore the city of The Hague in the afternoon.
Tomorrow, a very special guest will be waiting for the pupils. Who might that be? Stay tuned!

Tuesday 28 January

A new exciting day at THIMUN starts. After yesterday’s intensive lobbying, the events get really started today: the debates are beginning on the resolutions about current world problems such as human rights, the refugee crises and sustainable urban development. The key issue of this year’s conference is: “Securing and Advancing Democracy. Every Voice Matters!”.
At long last, the students can substantiate their previous hard work and the extensive preliminary preparations as well as establish interesting new contacts.

Monday, 27 January

Tense voices and languages from many different countries meet today in the World Forum. It is the official start of the THIMUN-Conferences and the begin of an exciting week for thousands of participating students. The first day starts with drafting UN resolutions and lobbying before the official opening ceremony with impressive flag parade takes place in the afternoon. Saskia Bruines, Deputy Mayor of The Hague and representatives from the UNHCR and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs are this year’s guest speakers who look forward to welcoming the young participants to THIMUN 2020.

Special feature this year at THIMUN: For the first time ever, resolutions will not be printed. Rather, they will be available on an especially developed THIMUN app. As a paperless conference, THIMUN strives to live up to its stand on sustainability. What a great contribution for the climate and environmental protection!

Sunday, 26 January

Just one day left! The long-awaited 52nd annual session of THIMUN in the nearby World Forum will soon begin. However, what exactly is THIMUN? The THIMUN (The Hague International Model United Nations) conference is a five-day simulation of the United Nations, where secondary school students broaden their world view, deal with world politics and look for solutions to global problems. Each year at the end of January, over 3,000 students and teachers from over 200 schools from more than 100 different countries come to The Hague to join this educational and exciting event. Also this year, DISDH is strongly represented in the functions of "Admins", "Delegates" and "Chairs”. All activities such as preparing resolutions, lobbying and debating are carried out in English. As such, a high standard of English is demanded in order to formulate the complex ideas presented. THIMUN offers an excellent opportunity to develop students’ English language skills and put them into practise. The message of THIMUN is very clear: practise tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours !