Spaceweek 2019

“Space” is the topic of the Project Week and offers DISDH students a great variety of exciting activities. Interesting guests from ESA (European Space Agency) will be giving exciting talks and the DISDH teaching staff has prepared an abundance of great projects to bring the topic "Space" closer to the students.

Throughout the week, we will continue to keep you informed about our “Space Week” and the wide range of projects. We wish our students a lot of fun!

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+++ DISDH Spaceweek Blog +++

Day 4 - Thursday 4 July

Today's presentation day marks the end of the Spaceweek at DISDH. From 10 am. on, the many great project results will be presented on stage. We expect a diverse program consisting of dance, music, film and much more. We thank all teachers for the great organisation and especially the ESA guests for their interesting lectures!

Day 3 - Wednesday 3 July

Our good fortune continues – once again today, we are pleased to be welcoming two guests from ESA (European Space Agency). First, DISDH students will have the pleasure of following a lecture by ESA scientist, Philip Willemsen's on the topic of the International Space Station - the outpost in space. Afterwards, we look forward to Daniel Müller – a scientist from the Solar Orbiter project who will take a look at the interesting topics of sun and the weather in space. We are sure that our students will "absorb" all the information. Have fun!

What would space music sound like? The project group “Space Music” has been working on this topic. The main question being tackled: How can music and space be brought together? Tomorrow, they will go on stage to present the results. We are confident that we’ll be presented with a real treat. Good luck to all musicians!

During the last days of the project, our Space Dance Group has practiced a dance reminiscent of the vastness of space. The costumes for the performance play an equally important role. At tomorrow's Presentation Day, DISDH Space Dance will celebrate its world premiere. We are excited to see how creatures of the universe move. We wish you a great performance!

Day 2 - Tuesday 2 July

The second day of “Space Week” started out with another great lecture. Today’s topic was especially exciting: "Our Climate is Changing” presented by Matthias Drusch, also a member of ESA (European Space Agency). Mr. Drusch is an expert scientist in the field of land surfaces in earth observation. We thank our special guests for their time and hope to see them back at DISDH once again.

Working in projects makes for hungry students. To make sure that all the project workers can satisfy their appetite, the Space Café will open its doors on Thursday. Throughout the week, the participants in the project group “Space Food” are busy cooking and baking. We are certain that a delicious array of specialties awaits us. Bon Apetit!

Day 1 - Monday 1 July

We are very happy to welcome Christian Erd at DISDH. Mr. Erd is an ESA (European Space Agency) project collaborator in the JUICE (Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer) department. In an exciting lecture, Mr. Erd takes the students on a journey to Jupiter and its moons and raises the question: "Is there life outside our earth?

During “Space Week”, the participants of the Photoshop Project will recreate "life in space" in creating "self-portraits as aliens". The works can be viewed on Thursday.