Readings with Sonja Bullen

Like Nina Weger last September, the library organised this week five readings for all groups from Kindergarten to grade 9 with the author Sonja Bullen. She describes herself as somebody who is inspired by everything that makes her smile. In this positive, good-humoured and temperamental fashion she entertained her audience.

The Kindergarten children were presented with a yet unpublished picture story, “Friends as strong as Monsters”. For the primary school grades 1-3 the author had prepared another not yet finished book, a stongly motivating story about animals. Grades 4-6 listened to Mrs Bullen’s latest book, “Lotte and the problem swap magic”. “Easy going Sydney” was the choice for grades 7-9. A few lucky students got it as a present after a final lottery.
Mrs Bullen has a broad repertoire of methods, like story telling, singing and playing her ukulele, answering questions in a very direct fashion, applying an expressive reading style and stimulating the creative potential of the students. All different age groups had a great experience.

The students will be able to borrow the books from the library in the near future.