“Meet the family“ – Episode 5: Eva Kulla

Eva Kulla has been part of our school community for 8 years with her two sons currently in the fourth and sixth grades at DISDH. “Our oldest son attended a Dutch “Kinderdagverblijf” (Nursery School) at first but we quickly realised that the German International School The Hague was a better match for our children as they feel more comfortable with the German language.” The Handicrafts AG, which she has been offering together with another mother for 4 years, is very popular and filled to capacity. On Tuesday afternoons, they create lovingly designed treasure boxes, wooden pocket lamps or ceramics.

However to adults, Eva Kulla is best known for her role as Chairperson/Deputy Chairperson of the Parents Association. "I more or less slipped into this function. At first, I was the Parents Association Group Leader for the Kindergarten section at our school," says the trained psychologist. “As a member of the Parents Association, I see myself as the parents’ voice and a link between the school and the parents. At Board meetings and regularly scheduled meetings with the DISDH School Principal, I address all topics which are of concern to DISDH parents. The strengthening and appreciation of social behavior at DISDH is very important for me. In my opinion, this goes hand in hand with a consistent and targeted approach to bullying. Another focus of my work is to further transparent communication and the progressiveness of our school. "

At DISDH, Eva especially likes the familiar atmosphere supported by the manageable size of classes. Older and younger children learn across ages and levels and benefit from multinational and cultural diversity. In her opinion, this contact is a great benefit for both parents and students. "For the future, I would like us to further extend the contact to other international and Dutch schools. There are so many interesting topics and projects we can learn as a school. Moreover, it strengthens the ties we have to our host country.

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