Christmas Workshop in Primary School

With joyful anticipation, our DISDH students awaited and welcomed some 30 pupils from the neighbouring Duinoordschool. Our dear guests were just as thrilled as our own students to see all the different arts & crafts projects on offer as well as the delicious buffet filled with an array of culinary delights lovingly prepared by DISDH parents.

Thanks to the many helping hands at the numerous handicraft stations, we were able to make it possible for 150 children to take part in interesting and varied crafts throughout the school morning. The children’s bags were quickly filled with all kinds of handicrafts they themselves created.

A big thank you to all the helpers both in front of and behind the scenes. Once again, this year we experienced a cosy get-together which ended on a high note with the singing of German Christmas classics in the foyer.

Click here to see the photos of this years Christmas Workshop.