Nationwide Reading Aloud Day at DISDH

Reading is fun - but listening is even better.

As every year on the third Friday in November, “DIE ZEIT”, “Stiftung Lesen” and the “Deutsche Bahn” Foundation call out to the public to read aloud. For reading and reading aloud, children need role models to show them the joy of reading so that later in life, they too will enthusiastically reach out and access books, newspapers and e-books themselves. DISDH together with many other Primary Schools in Germany and around the world took part in this event.

We were particularly pleased to welcome embassy representatives from our German speaking embassies in The Hague as well as important people from our school community. The following special guests read aloud at DISDH:
Ms. Jung, Deputy Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany
Mr Eisl, Deputy Ambassador of the Austrian Embassy
Mrs. Bouwman, Austrian Embassy
Mrs. Walker-Nederkoorn, Swiss Embassy
Mrs. Schoenemann, DISDH Board Member
Mrs. In't Groen, retired longtime teacher at DISDH

Spellbound, the students listened to the stories that were read aloud under this year's motto "Nature and Environment". And of course, the day would not have been complete without some of the children's literary classics such as "Heidi", "Räuber Hotzenplotz" and the "Sams".

We would like to thank the readers for donating their valuable time. And as with any gift, not only the recipient reaps joy but also the givers which in this case were the enthusiastic readers who enjoyed spending time with their avid little listeners.

Click here to see the photos of this event.