Astronaut greets DISDH from space!

DISDH students from grades 10 to 12 began a wonderful journey into space lasting four hours.

Two world-class experts from the European Space Agency (ESA) reported first-hand on the recently launched ESA mission BepiColombo, which aims to explore Mercury, the least explored planet in our solar system. They also presented the highlights of the current commander of the International Space Station, ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst’s Horizons Mission. Thanks to fascinating photos, insider stories of the planning and realisation of space missions and the explanation of partly profound technical details, all participants were drawn into the spell of space exploration. This was clearly demonstrated by the lively discussions as well as the inquisitive and demanding questions on the part of the students.

As a highlight, Alexander Gerst greeted DISDH students from outer space. Click here and take a look. DISDH here on earth sends many greetings back to Alexander and wishes him a great day.

Many thanks to ESA (European Space Agency), who made this "Space Day" so special! We express our gratitude to two particular fathers, Mr Bauer whose children are currently at DISDH and Mr Benkhoff whose children are DISDH alumni, for their efforts and time.