"Reading Artist" fascinated DISDH students

The DISDH library succeeded in inviting a versatile author, Nina Weger, to present her books to the different groups of children and pupils regarding their age. She also told interesting private stories in combination with pictures and video clips.

There were three readings adapted to the age of the students. The books will soon be available for borrowing in the library, for example for our youngest students "Die sagenhafte Saubande" with as a hero a boy who understands animal language. From the series "Heroines Club" for grade 2-4 students and the challenging and very humorous story "Trick 347 or the bravest boy in the world" for grades 5-7.

Ms. Weger’s style of writing could be described as vivid and versatile, because she was a tightrope walker in her youth and is still busy with the circus by training a youth group in Hanover. She was furthermore awarded "Reading Artist 2018" at the Leipzig Book Fair - a very much deserved prize, as everyone who heard her could confirm .

We thank Mrs. Weger for coming and wish her all the best.