DISDH Students visit Brüggen

School trips to Brüggen have become a tradition at DISDH. Once again this year, our fourth-graders made their way to the Lower Rhine in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Following a bus ride to their destination, our students moved into their accommodation in a youth hostel where they faced their first challenge: getting their beds made! Once this challenge was successfully mastered, all students made their way to a City Rally, which ended at the Brüggen Castle. In the moat, the students not only observed ducks but also muskrats.

The next day, the children put themselves in the care of several adventure educators who had prepared games on the topic of "The team is the star". During the games, it was important that the children could only reach their goal together as a team with the help of each individual. In the end, the fourth-graders were praised for their perseverance, dedication and team spirit. All of them received a commemorative medal. The day after an evening disco visit at the youth hostel, it was time to get all the bags packed up to get ready for the trip back home when an exciting and educational class trip came to an end.