DISDH students visit “Tante Zus”

The History Activity Group participants experienced an interesting visit to the “Museon” in The Hague.
52 Jewish children owe their survival in World War II to the painter Ru Paré, better known as Aunt Zus, who helped families rescue their children from the Nazis. The “Museon” has dedicated an exhibition to the artist from The Hague, which was visited by DISDH students as part of their Activity Group (AG) work.

Within the Activity Group, students are involved in the German Federal President’s history competition which is a very prestigious student competition organised every two years. This year's topic is "That's not how it's going to be - crisis, upheaval, departure." For half a year, the students have time to deal with a historical topic from the region or their own family. The story of Ru Paré is an example of a courageous woman who resisted the National Socialist regime while stating, "It cannot go on like this".

Anyone interested in the competition or the Activity Group is welcome to get further information from Mr. Schroeder or via the website www.geschichtswettbewerb.de