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DISDH had a great time Celebrating Carnival!

Students and teachers dressed up in fun and creative costumes to celebrate Carnival Monday. After a delicious breakfast together with classmates, the pupils joined together in the Sports Hall for fun and games. Dancing, singing and showing off costumes rounded out the special morning.

What did students think:

"It was a beautiful day: When I woke up, I could not believe that today was carnival. I went to school quickly. All the children and adults were dressed up.First and second lesson: I went to class. There, we made a circle and organised a competition: Who has the biggest balloon? That was fun! We also played a lot of other games. Another competition: Who can build the most beautiful carnival float out of sweets? Alva and Nina with smarties and confetti! Then we played another game: The Journey to Jerusalem. Third and fourth lesson: We all went to the gym and had a carnival circus. Then we sang "The Red Horse" and did the duck dance and danced a lot. We also did the newspaper dance. When the music stopped, you have to fold the newspaper. In the fifth lesson we had to tidy up the gym. Then we had time to do some gymnastics."
(Emma, grade 2)

"Yesterday we celebrated Carnival at school. In the classroom, we played games. After recess, we went to the big gym to demonstrate performances and play games. After that, there was a recess. After recess. we had a PE lesson."
(Klara, grade 2)

"The games were cool! We had a recess. After that, almost half the school came together! We did a great cheerleading demonstration."
(Rasmus, grade 2)

"At first I really wanted a costume! I was dressed up as a unicorn."
(Lisa, grade 2)

Please find here some photographic impressions of Carnival Monday at the DISDH.