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Charity campaign "schoenmaatjes gezocht"

Once again this year, the DISDH is pleased to support the charity “Stiftung Edukans” and its "schoenmaatjes gezocht" campaign. In the last few years, we were able to deliver more than 100 shoeboxes each Christmas and hope that with your help and commitment, we will again achieve the same great result.

Please see the website to find more information and watch a short film.

The campaign works as follows. Students fill shoeboxes with various items, in particular exercise books, pencils and other school supplies, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, stuffed animals or other small toys. The shoe boxes can be decorated and a personal message can be included. The shoe box becomes a welcomed and special gift for a child in a country such as Ghana, Moldavia or Albania or for refugees in Iraq. We think that this fundraising campaign encourages our pupils to think about other children and learn about their living conditions. They learn the joy of giving can take part in helping other children.

Your child can choose whether the shoebox will be sent to a boy or a girl. We will be collecting the shoeboxes in front of the school cafeteria and will then bring them to a collection centre which further organises the transport.

Should your child would like to participate:
- The flyer your child received is important. (a few extra flyers are available in the school office)
- Go to the website
- Activate the barcode you find on the flyer
- Fill the shoe box
- Hand in the filled but not sealed shoe box to school before the Christmas holidays (directly to Mrs Albrecht or leave it with the caretakers)
- The transport of the boxes will be covered by donations of €6 (online transfer:
- All shoe boxes will be checked by volunteers to be sure that no sweets or war toys are included
We consider the charity project Schoenmaatjes as a conscious raising campaign. It is important for “Edukans” that educational projects in developing countries receive continued support.
“Edukans” is naturally keen on organising further charity campaigns. If you do not wish to be informed by phone about other fundraising activities, please do not enter your personal data.

Please contact Mrs. Albrecht from the DISDH for all questions regarding the fundraising project.

We hope that many children decorate and fill shoeboxes. Additional donations which support the organisation are welcome.