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“Looking For The Beat”

On Monday evening 26 June, the moment had finally arrived when 16 pupils from grades 1 to 4 adorned the stage ready to perform their musical. They had been working up to the big performance since the beginning of the school year in their Musical-AG.

From the very start, the children loved the play and were extremely creative and committed when designing costumes or working on the choreography adding their own personal touch to the show. Throughout the Activity Group (AG), the pupils acted, performed and danced with great enthusiasm.

At the performance, an owl sets out on an exploratory flight and meets several animals each representing their own musical styles such as a “jazz sow bug”, a “rock mole” or a “hip-hop rat”. There was much laughter and applause for the songs presented for each genre. With the return of the exhausted owl into his tree cave, all the animals and the ensemble sang the final song together and bid farewell to the audience with colourful balloons and light effects.

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