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Lieke Leijdekkers wins 27th Literature Competition!

On 15 May, the day had arrived. The 15 best participants of the 27th German-Dutch Literature Competition were honoured at the official award ceremony. Lieke Leijdekkers was the lucky main winner and was awarded the first prize for her outstanding performance, sponsored by the Goethe Institute. But also the other 14 winners received great prizes such as travel vouchers, books and other prizes thanks to our numerous generous sponsors (German-Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Language Courses Foundation, Embassies, Publishers and many others).

Both on the evening of the award ceremony and at the school event the following morning, Rolf Lappert read his short story "The Miracle of California", which was the subject of the Literature and Translation Competition as well as the DISDH creative competition. During the interviews conducted by jury member Kees van Eunen and two grade 11 students, the friendly author gave some interesting insight into his way of working and his world of thoughts. He believes that the joy of reading is a prerequisite for writing and shared his views on the various elements required when writing scripts, youth and adult novels.

The great musical performances of the DISDH-Big Band as well as the fantastic scenic interpretation of the translation text by the Theater-AG by grades 5 and 6 entertained the guests at both events.

Click here to see the photos of the award ceremony.