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European Games at 2019

Last week, the DISDH Secondary School students were particularly busy with sports. During the European Games which were organised by DISDH this year, youth competed in exciting competitions in the disciplines of football, volleyball, basketball and handball. The opponents consisted of teams from two Frankfurt private schools, Lycée Français Victor Hugo Frankfurt, Lycée Français Den Haag, Athénée de Luxembourg and of course DISDH. There was especially good reason to cheer for volleyball and basketball. Here, the DISDH girls skilfully outplayed their competitors and achieved 1st place (volleyball) and 2nd place (basketball). In the total ranking, Lycée Vincent van Gogh (The Hague) took the lead among the boys and Lycée Athénée and Lycée Victor Hugo had the advantage among the girls. At the end of the day, everyone agreed that it was once again a great event with excellent athletic conditions where fun and team spirit played a central role. Many thanks to the two DISDH sports teachers for the great organisation!

Follow this link to see some photos.