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Author Maarten Hidskes visits DISDH

DISDH twelfth graders are currently dealing with the subject of Dutch-India in their Dutch lessons. Fitting to the topic, Marten Hidskes visited the students at the beginning of the week giving a lecture on his book, "Thuis gelooft niemand mij" - "Nobody believes me at home ". It deals with the intense story of the "South Celebes Affair" and a period of intensive decolonisation in Dutch India that took place from 1945-1949. Maarten's father, Piet Hidskes, a soldier of a special corps, was involved in the battles on the island of Celebes (today Sulawesi). What exactly happened on Celebes and what motives led his father to take part in the battles? All these questions are critically analysed in Hidskes book. >Up to this day, the author also considers what this sensitive issue has done to himself, the son of a soldier in this controversial mission. The combination of a historically intensive time with an individual destiny makes this part of Dutch history more tangible, comprehensible and closer for the twelfth graders. The students will certainly remember this impressive visit for a long time to come. We thank Marten Hidskes for his time and for having enriched the students and their view on history.