After School Care Programme Class 1-4
Your Primary School child starts the afternoon programme by doing his or her homework under professional supervision. This is followed by a period of rest and relaxation and a choice of recreational activities. During free play periods, children can decide for themselves whether they to build something, paint, read, or play outside. Joint activities stimulate their social development and are also lots of fun. Children love to join in our cooking and model-making classes, handicraft and photo workshops, or papermaking courses. We often go on trips together and explore the surrounding area. We go to the woods or beach, visit a museum, attend storytellings, visit the theatre or take part in a tour of the World Forum. Whatever our destination, one thing is for sure: our trips and outings are always popular occasions for our pupils.

In addition to our afternoon programme, DISDH also offers numerous activity groups (AGs) after lessons. If your child wishes to take part in an AG, this is also possible on the days when he or she is signed up for our supervised afternoon programme. Our teaching staff make sure children get to their AGs on time and return to the group again afterwards.