DISDH offers your child an international environment and academic excellence based on the high standards of the German education system. Our lessons follow the latest education plan of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

At Secondary School, pupils become more and more independent. They want to discover the world, take things into their own hands, and gradually assume more responsibility. We encourage this development at DISDH and create an environment in which pupils can test themselves and try out the opportunities that are open to them. This provides them with vital skills and equips them to face the challenges of the future. Our school community and the spirit of fairness that prevails cultivate pupils' self-confidence and mutual respect.

We teach our pupils knowledge at the highest level, but at the same time we attach importance to training social and practical skills. Both aspects are important if pupils are to successfully master their studies and the start of their working life. This means that pupils learn to organise their work, carry out research on their own, work in a team and give presentations.

Although group work is an important element of our teaching concept at Secondary School, we make sure we create an individual learning situation for each pupil. To be able to learn successfully, it is crucial that pupils are familiar with their own learning pace and the learning methods that suit them best. This enables us to focus on developing their personal strengths, not only making learning more fun, but also optimising performance. Interdisciplinary programmes and project-based teaching offer a broader perspective of teaching content. The international, open-minded atmosphere at DISDH also offers pupils plenty of opportunities to look beyond their immediate environment.