Model United Nations
The Model United Nations have been an important part of school life at DISDH for many decades. Based on real UN conferences and organised all over the world, our school has been involved in these youth conferences since the late 60s. MUN is one of the driving forces behind THIMUN, or The Hague International Model United Nations. THIMUN is now the biggest and best-known MUN event. Every year, over 3,500 school children and students from all over the world spend a week debating in The Hague. DISDH pupils also regularly travel to MUN conferences elsewhere in the world.

Participating pupils from DISDH prepare intensively for these fascinating meetings. Our afternoon programme of events includes the regular MUN Club which takes place in English. Participants take an in-depth look at issues relating to international politics. They learn to represent a point of view, speak in front of an audience, express themselves clearly and observe conference protocol. Another advantage is that they improve their written and oral English skills, since all discussions and presentations take place in English, and participants learn to write UN resolutions and reports in English.