Jugend Forscht
Pupils who are especially interested in the natural sciences, maths, computer science and technology can put their inventive talent to the test in the German youth science competition "Jugend forscht". DISDH has successfully participated in this national competition – in which children and young adults are invited to present their own inventions and discoveries – for some years, and pupils from our school have frequently occupied the top places. Our school was also awarded a special prize in the competition for promoting the natural sciences and technology.

Anyone with enough motivation and creative ideas can take part. Naturally, pupils are thoroughly prepared for the competition. Participation in "Jugend forscht" is one of the most important afternoon activities at DISDH. Ideas for research projects are discussed, a work plan is prepared and pupils can discuss experiences and results. They have been supervised for many years by an especially dedicated member of staff. To achieve good results, determination, systematic work and precision are called for. But pupils' efforts are often rewarded: they obtain interesting results that they can be proud of, they learn how to write research reports and they acquire the academic and organisational skills needed for professional, scientific work.