Dutch is an integral part of our curriculum and our pupils soon feel at ease in the language they experience every day at school. We also consider the cultural characteristics and traditions of our host country. This is especially important for our younger pupils as it helps them make friends. They are soon able to play with Dutch children from their neighbourhood or sign up for local sports clubs.

Even our youngest children in Kindergarten come into playful contact with the language and culture of their host country through their teachers, some of whom are Dutch. For our Primary School children and pupils from Grade 5, Dutch is a compulsory subject. Older pupils have the opportunity to take part in a Dutch activity group as part of our afternoon programme. In Grades 10 to 12, Dutch can also be taken as an elective subject. Previous knowledge of the Dutch language is not required.

Thanks to a number of Dutch teachers who work in our afternoon programme, children are naturally exposed to the language of their host country, for example, through sports activities held in Dutch. Our school also maintains close contacts with Dutch partner schools. We organise projects together and in doing so learn much about the country and its people.