Children are natural explorers. In the Preschool group for children aged 5 and 6, we encourage children's natural curiosity and prepare them for Primary School in line with their age and level of development. We follow a situation-oriented approach and give children ideas and assignments that reflect their particular interests. Free play is an important part of their daily routine. Preparation for the transition to Primary School begins in the second half of the year when we gradually introduce your child to the structured school day. We also have Dutch teachers at our school who sing songs with groups, and read and speak Dutch to the children. This means your child is introduced to the language of its host country in a very natural and informal way.

Our Preschool acts as a bridge between Kindergarten and Primary School. The Preschool rooms are located directly in the school building. This allows us to cooperate more closely with the Primary School and familiarise Preschool children with their future school environment.