Image: "Learning to Learn" seminar in Noordwijk

How do you prepare for a test? "I don't feel like it." "I'm hungry." "But my friends are playing outside too.” These are all mind killers that prevent everyone from learning in a concentrated way. But how do you deal with them? The magic words are planning and exercise.

Image: Happy summer holidays
We wish our entire school community a relaxing summer! See you back in August. 

Image: Congratulations on successfully finishing high school!
"Knowledge is a treasure that accompanies its owner everywhere" 

- chin. Proverb

Image: DISDH literature competition as livestream

The award ceremony of the 29th DISDH Literature Competition will be livestreamed on April 21. At the following link, starting at 7:00 p.m., the winners and honorees will be awarded and the sponsors' prizes will be presented.

Image: DISDH's Nazi history now accessible online

"Remembering for the present" - under this motto 10 students (from the 12th grade and the graduating class of 2020) researched the history of DISDH. Specifically, it was about school life in the 1930s/40s - at that time, the influence of National Socialism was omnipresent in The Hague. 

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