Our competent, well-trained and highly motivated teachers form the heart of our school. All our members of staff have undergone the relevant teacher training.

Continuity and stability at DISDH are guaranteed by experienced teachers who have taught at our school for many years. Being familiar with the Dutch culture, they are able to act as mediators, maintaining active contact with other local schools and organisations. They also ensure that Dutch traditions, such as national celebrations, are kept alive at our school.
Another group of teachers comes to DISDH directly from Germany, working here for a number of years before returning to their home country. They provide fresh impetus and introduce our staff to new ideas, and thus play an important part in making sure that our school remains active, dynamic and always up-to-date with what's going on in Germany and with the latest pedagogical developments.

Our teachers are passionate about their profession and they go beyond their call of duty for our pupils. Thanks to the friendly, familiar atmosphere at DISDH, they know every single pupil and can give them all the attention they require. They are particularly supportive of newcomers to the school, helping them settle into their class and become part of the school community as a whole. It is thanks to our motivated teachers that such extracurricular activities as THIMUN or the science competition Jugend forscht are possible. They also organise classroom sleepovers, afternoon outings to the beach or bowling alley, and cultural and sporting events. These joint activities take place regularly and help boost the community spirit.